Through the concept of a field I came closer to the thing that I sought. How can you demonstrate or for the lack of better words show to a spectator how he is constantly influencing the space around him with the smallest movements and gestures. I always try to avoid anything remotely similar to technology and represent more and more deducted representations of the things I try to show to a spectator and at the same time have the spectator as an active participant . With this piece the spectator is participating almost involuntarily because he is not instructed in any way. This was made possible by the material that I use, it is a very light and ultrathin sheet of plastic that reacts to the smallest changes in air pressure and movement. When you walk through the middle space of the two sheets they start to move away because of the air that is pushed around so you get to see your influence on the space around you in a material form. You can see some sort of a hidden reality of space and a reciprocal influencing on one to another.