This piece does not include any material but sound speakers and subwoofers. What I try to do with sound is to put the spectator in a different state of understanding the sound waves that spread through the air and space/time. When speaking about sound installations it often happens that the study of sound goes through some sort of patternization and is percieved by the viewer as music or some sort of composition. What i try to achieve is perceiving sound as it is in nature, basically the oscilations of air in space, the sheer phisicality of it and the effects that it has on the sorroundings. It is 4:00 minute clips of traveling frequencies from 25 Hz to 90 Hz, in a slow tempo gradually rising and gradually lowering. The nature of these frequencies is very illusive because it is very hard to find the origin of the sound and the sounds are heard very differently throughout the room. There are places in the room where you can barely withstand the power of the vibrating frequencies and places where you actually can’t hear them. Most of the frequencies make very little noise and a lot of vibrations that make the walls or the windows vibrate heavily. This, i think only adds to the power and phisicality of sound as a phisical entity.

Use headphones for the videos.